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February 19, 2009

The Smart Way to Watch TV

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I’ve been having an affair. 

A month ago we sprung for TIVO.  People who know us might think that it is strange that we’d even think of TIVO because we don’t have satellite or cable.  Our lack of pay t.v. is by design–ever since the day I spent watching every single episode of “I Love the 80’s” I realized I have zero self control when it comes to television.  As entertaining as Mo Rocca’s pithy comments are, there is something wrong with not leaving the house because in two hours he’ll be joking about parachute pants. 

So when we moved in five years ago, we sprung for a mammoth antenna and never looked back.  But there was always something missing, something intangible…

For Jamie it’s General Hospital.  I know it isn’t very wifely of me to out him on my blog, but he is a closet GH fan and has been for years.   For me it isn’t about one show in particular (I think I’ve proven that I’m not exactly particular) but about the nights when I just want to watch something and my only options involve people eating bugs, animals eating bugs, or CSI.  I thought TIVO was basically a high-tech VCR that I could use to record something on too late for me to stay up (basically after 9pm) for viewing later. 

But I underestimated TIVO.

After plugging it in and setting it up I realized first off that we can now watch YouTube on tv.  We spent an hour giddly watching old Bert and Ernie sketches and were completely entertained.  I figured out how to set season passes so that GH is recorded every day for Jamie to watch when he gets home.  I was enticed and yet I thought I could walk away from TIVO at any time.

I hooked up Netflix to the TIVO and now we can watch movies on demand, and boy howdy, do we watch.  The other night I found myself watching “Life After Tomorrow”, a documentary about life after starring in the musical “Annie” .  The night before that was “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, which I think I get a pass on since I am the daughter of an actual coal miner’s daughter.  But I think it is obvious where I’m headed.

Then last night I missed a show I wanted to watch.  A few “pop pops” with the remote  and I found that TIVO recorded it for me–all on it’s own.  Yep, TIVO anticipated my need and fulfilled it without me ever asking.

I don’t think there is a mom in the world who can’t relate to the thrill of someone (something) taking care of something without being asked. 

But I know there will be bumps in the road.  I think my needs are not the only one on TIVO’s motherboard.  I noticed today that TIVO recorded 5 episodes of the original “Night Rider”.  

(The title of this post is an homage to the Kidbits show from my childhood–not that I’ve looked for it on youtube or anything.)


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