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January 18, 2009

The best gift ever

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This Christmas was hard–just plain hard, and I haven’t been able to stop and write about any of it until now.  We did a great job of leading up to the holiday–the tree was up, the house decorated, Livvy and I even made cookies.  But then in the days leading up to the BIG DAY I kind of lost out on the whole thing.

I could turn this into a post about how I found the true meaning of Christmas within the chaos, but really I was just in a sour mood.  I didn”t get to see my mom, I started a new job the week prior and found out that I was expected to work all around the holidays, and Jamie had to work Christmas Eve and Day plus New Year’s Eve and Day.  I was irritated beyond what I’ve ever been on Christmas–so much so that I almost stayed home from my family party.  Somehow a two hour drive (one way) alone with Livvy did not excite me.

But then.  Okay, I found the “joyofChristmasdespitemybestefforts”.  I did.  My (step) Grandpa told me when we shared our Opaltek wafer that the family would not be the same without me and that he was thrilled I was there.  My evening sailed upward from there.

On the way home Olivia asked me happily in the back seat if I was imagining anything.  I told her no and she replied that she was.  Then she asked me if I’d ever ‘magined the stars and the moon in the daytime so that they could be in the sky while everyone was awake.  I told her no, I’d never imagined that before.  Then she said,

“Well, you can have that one, then mom.  You can have that ‘magination I have lots.”

I could barely see the road through the tears.



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