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September 26, 2008

The flu olympics

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The weather this week has been amazing.  Tuesday afternoon I took Olivia to the park where she played with another little girl for about an hour.  While they sat face to face on the bouncy beam, the other girl started coughing that croupy cough right in Livvy’s face.  Yep.  Her grandmother just stood there, and before I could get Olivia off the beam she coughed again, sneezed and shared a lot of germs–lucky us.

I tried not to think about it too much until yesterday at the library when Livvy started to sneeze and suddenly I was the mom with the germy kid trying to exit gracefully.  I had plans of hair dye and movies last night, and Olivia even went to sleep (!).  Five minutes after my friend called to say she was headed over, I heard the dreaded throwing up sounds coming from Olivia’s room.  Plans thwarted, MCAD protocol followed, and it has been a very long night and day.  When Olivia is sick a marathon of waking, feeding, coaxing into sleep only to waken again begins.  Although I know we can’t shield her from common colds and flu, every time it happens I find myself at 4 am cursing every sick child in a 50 mile radius and wishing we could all just sleep like normal people.

I realized today that I really coddle Olivia too much when she is sick.  Because she has (as an added bonus on top of MCAD), a ridiculously sensitive gag reflex, even a cold seems to inspire at least a few episodes of throwing up.  So not only am I concerned about the metabolic stress of the cold, I am worried that she is not eating enough to keep her body functioning and then she throws up from coughing.  ugh.

But the problem is (as Olivia likes to say these days) most kids run around and play even when they’re sick.  Over the last three years I’ve leaned the other way, coaxing Olivia into being a couch potato, lest she get too excited and lose her lunch.  I think she needs to move more when she’s sick, and I think kids naturally know that sunshine and activity will actually make them feel better in the long run.

Today I did my best to let her take the lead.  I stopped at a yard sale on my way home from work (I had a review only a few miles away this morning) and bought a frilly dress for dress up.  Olivia seized it this afternoon and immediately wanted it on.  Then she raided the CD’s for “butterfly fairy” music and, after a few trial runs, settled on Solas, and started to move. 


I realized that sometimes when you feel at your crummiest, all you really need to do is put on your wings and dance.


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