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August 5, 2008

Feeling Googly-eyed

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I stayed up way too late the other night and made a huge mistake…I googled basically everyone I’ve ever known.  After about three hours of googling I came to two conclusions:

1. I’ve known some amazing people–and still do!

2. My life sucks on paper.

Trust me, this is not a down-in-the dumps missal, I promise.  But it is a little overwhelming to look up people I haven’t spoken to in years and realize that so many of them are extremely accomplished.  I’m talking professors, doctors, Fullbright scholars, lawyers, teachers (very accomplished ones), etc, etc, here, not your run of the mill middle management cog.  Pretty much across the board, the people I knew in college are out there literally saving the world and sculpting tomorrow.

Me?  Things are good, for sure, but my big accomplishment this week was to clean out the front closet which was so stuffed with shoes and coats no one wears that I could no longer close the door.  Not exactly Fullbright material.

So I started thinking about success and wondering if I feel successful.  The thing is, I do, even in the face of such over-achievers (who are probably better spellers to boot!).  When I imagine how I want Olivia to be in the future, how I want her to be successful, I don’t think about degrees, accomplishments or prizes.  (Okay.  I do. Not first though, I swear.)  I imagine a full life for her, rich in strong friendships and family, both of which I have been gifted in spades.  I imagine her finding things she is passionate about and having the freedom to pursue them.  I imagine her having a life full of love, regardless of how she earns a living.

There have been very few times in my life when I was without friends.  Even in the worst moments I had someone to call, someone to count on–even if they were 500 miles away.  And some of the closest friendships I have are with people I only talk to occasionally, and we pick up as if there are no years or miles between us. 

None of these things pop up on a resume or a Google search, for sure.  It is incredible that I have had the opportunity to be friends with so many people–whether or not they show up on a google search.  For those friends who are reading, please know how often I think of you and how you have your own space in my life–whether we talk daily or yearly!


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