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July 14, 2008


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I promise I haven’t given up on blogging!  We’ve had so much company over the last month that the other day Olivia asked the librarian if she was coming over.  I have been itching to write, and there is much to share, so fear not–I never run out of things to say.

Olivia is going to stay at school until after lunch for the first time tomorrow.  I took her shopping tonight for a lunch box and it wasn’t until we got to the store that I realized that she’d feigned excitement about her lunch box all day–she had no idea what it was.  She picked out the Tinkerbelle purply one that matches her backpack.  The thing is she has no idea who Tink is, we’ve never watched Peter Pan or even read a Disney book.  Somehow, though, she’s latched onto her, so Tink it is.

I started to think about my first lunchbox, it was a spongy, plastic, pink thing with either a strawberry or an ice cream cone on the front.  On the first day of first grade my mom filled it to the brim with homemade cookies, PB&J on wheat, fruit, etc, etc.  I remember opening it during lunch and even at five I knew it was a heck of a lot of lunch for a first grader.  I was also jealous of the girl next to me who had a bologna and American cheese on Wonder bread.  The bologna still had the red plastic ring around it and I watched, fascinated as she slowly peeled it away in a lovely coil.  I still remember how she opened up the bread to reveal a smiley face in ketchup and mustard–how I wanted a sandwich like that!

I can imagine how much effort my mom put into that lunch and I know she must have been crestfallen when I came home begging for a smaller lunch with a sandwich like the one I saw.  (I still tease her about the size, she says she was worried I would be hungry.  I never understood that until this evening as I began to pack Olivia’s lunch box for the first time.)  My mom was completely against white bread, bologna AND American cheese, so it was a long time before I ate that sandwich.  When that day came, well…I wish I could say that it was delicious but one bite in and I knew it was awful.

That’s the thing about the things I covet–not only are they often empty, but somehow in the envy I forget to see the beauty in what I already have.  I know it is pretty trite to say “enjoy what you have”, but like all cliches there is a bit of truth in there.  Lately I’ve been working on this, the art of enjoying the present.  It is so easy to get caught up in the notion that there is an underlying scarcity that we have to scramble to fill–like an endless game of musical chairs.  Our economy depends on it, much of my life revolves around it, and I am dizzy from running around in circles.

So tonight I made a lunch for Olivia that pays homage to my first lunch–PB&J on wheat with organic peanut butter, homemade chocolate chip cookies, sliced local strawberries and applesauce.  And when she comes home asking for Lunchables instead, I’ll hug her and tell her, “Not on your life.”


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  1. whew!! i was missing your blogs.
    happy summer! xoxoxo

    Comment by rebeccaflynn — July 20, 2008 @ 8:45 pm |Reply

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