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June 10, 2008

The leftovers

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You know how when you move and you pack up everything and then there’s all of the other stuff left?  You know, those random things that are somehow essential but that don’t fit into your neatly labeled boxes?  That’s how my life feels right now.

I am trying to finish up a little school business–long story, but I need one more class to officially graduate.  I am enrolled in the class for the second half of the summer, but I want to CLEP test out of it.  In order to get aid for the class (in case I fail the test, which I will!) I needed to take another class as well.  So, I am in an interesting yet challenging English class–all should be well.

But since I feel like I am really done, I keep thinking I should actually be done and not staying up late to write papers.  I also have these other nagging things to do, like cleaning the guest room out for our relatives and finishing Olivia’s play area in the yard.  I can walk around and just see these pieces of things that need to be done, but I can’t seem to actually finish them.

Two weeks ago a huge dump truck unloaded 14 tons of pea stone in the yard.  Yes, 14 tons.  Jamie and I made a frame of barnwood and decided to fill it in with the stones for Olivia’s swingset.  (The pea gravel is actually very soft and nice for jumping on.)  It made more sense to have a truckload delivered than for us to go to get it in three trips with the dump trailer, and we figured we could use the extra around the house. 

But–after trucking fifteen wheelbarrows of pea gravel across the yard while being followed by Olivia demanding to know why I was taking away her hill–I got discouraged.  So, I paid the 13 year old across the street to do it for me.  Now I just need to snag Jamie to move the one piece of barnwood back (I will help, but we both know it’s just for show) and then I can spread the stone, put in the swingset and assemble/attach the slide.  Ugh.  And I have a paper due.

I did finish one project, though, for Father’s day.

I put them into a six picture frame, and between the photo session and buying the frame, I feel more accomplished than ever.

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  1. fuggin paper!!! argh!
    ps- i want a picture of this pea gravel playing field
    pps- youre the only folks i know that built their own playing structure, and possibly the only ones who know what pea gravel is
    ppps- I LOVE YOU!!

    Comment by rebeccaflynn — June 10, 2008 @ 11:49 am |Reply

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