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May 20, 2008

Planting time

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Well, we finally got the garden ready to be planted.  The other day Olivia and I planted some seeds (carrot, broccoli, onion, beets) and I have to say that it is really hard to believe that something so small will grow.  I know we might be a little late for the broccoli, but since we had the seeds, I figured we might as well try.  I can always buy plants later this week.

So, here is our little garden bed.  It is much bigger than last year’s, it seems that every year we grow a little bit more. 

Here is another view:

We (okay, Jamie) tilled it up several times over the spring.  Then last week we (actually me this time) went through and made the rows by trenching walkways.  Then Olivia and I spread the straw along the paths to keep the weeds down.  Next, I went through and smoothed the planting rows (after this pic was taken), made mounds for the cukes, and trampled the straw down a bit.  Then we planted.

Olivia liked it, for about five minutes and then she was ready to move on.  I tried every trick in my bag to keep her interested, including pulling out her little shovel and rake, singing songs and giving her packets of seeds to plant.  And then she was quiet.  Disturbingly quiet.  As a parent I ache for quiet most days, and then when it happens I know it means trouble.

She was so proud of the “berry seeds” she planted.  I looked up to see her with the packet of radish seeds torn in half and a huge grin.  I’m sure we will have some radishes pop up somewhere, it will be interesting to see where.

I also got the sunflower house planted.  Basically, you plant sunflowers in a U shape so that they grow into a little playhouse of sorts.

We mixed five varities into a can and spread them around the “house”, that way there will be flowers of different heights and colors.  Then I put chicken wire over the seeds to keep the critters out–hopefully.  We’ll see how it works, but if it does I will be so excited. 

This morning we are going out to plant some more, and Olivia knew when she awoke what the sunny sky means.  “I can’t want to garden today” she said.  Poor thing.


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