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May 12, 2008

Thinking about food

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Well, our beautiful weather has gone away for a bit, and lately it’s been rainy, cold and crummy outside.  I found organic strawberries at the grocery store on Saturday, though, and I decided to stock up and make some freezer jam.

If you’ve never had freezer jam, it is this wonderful, sugary, fruity concoction that is good on almost everything.  Growing up, my cousins and I often raided my Aunt Mary’s stash, right out of the freezer, one spoonful at a time.  Today was my first batch, and I am pretty proud of the seven jars sitting on the counter right now.  I balked at the huge amount of sugar, but, as Jamie reminded me, that sugar is already in the jam at the store, it’s just that now I’m the one doing the pouring.

Lately, Jamie and I have been having a lot of chats about food.  Partly because the cost of groceries is getting crazy, and partly because we are so much more aware of what we’re teaching Olivia about the world around us, we want to get back to basics, in a way.  I know we eat healthy, but compared to how I used to cook, we are much more reliant on junk foods than ever.  Plus, the packaging is really getting to me since we can’t recycle most of it.  Back in my coop days, I could buy everything in bulk, reuse my own packages and I had so much to pick from.  When we first moved out here, it was so strange to buy a new package of oatmeal every time instead of just filling it up again from the bulk bin.  I got used to it, though, and then Olivia was born and I really got lazy in terms of food.

So, we’ve been talking about food, and trying to figure out how to take advantage of the fact that we live in the country, that we have 4 acres to roam in, and that I have a good amount of free time.  Plus, I want Olivia to understand that food doesn’t grow in jars or bags, and that it takes labor, time and knowledge to produce.  Jamie and I went though the foods we eat the most and we are trying to figure out how to either make them ourselves or how to cut down on them.  We also want to stock up on local produce this summer and freeze as much as we can.

So, this morning, after making the jam (which, Olivia loved–she mashed the berries, poured the sugar and stuck on the labels), we made beer.  Gotta have the essentials.

I’ll let you know how the beer is in a month, but Olivia and I had some jam tonight.  We walked down to the neighbor’s to buy eggs, and had eggs and toast for dinner.  The jam, according to Olivia, tasted beautiful.  I have to agree.

(This doesn’t have anything to do with food–but it makes me happy!)


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