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April 29, 2008

If a tree falls

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This is the scene right now.  Olivia is cashed out from our big day.  Yes, I tried putting her in bed, but she cried that she wasn’t tired (!).  I left the room to change and came back to this.  Maybe I should back up.

I just finished my second degree this month.  The last year and a half has been strange because I’ve been a little stealthy about returning to school.  Part of the reason is that I honestly didn’t know if I could finish.  The other issue is that hardly anyone knows what my degree is about, and there is always this awkward silence afterward.  (It’s in Health Information Technology.  See?  I told you.)  It is a huge departure from my English background, but I loved my program and I really hope to be able to continue on and become a cancer registrar.  (There’s that silence again, I know.)

In any case, I haven’t made that big of a deal about it, but halfway through this last semester I realized two things, 1. I am graduating and 2. I have a 4.0.  I’m pretty happy about both. 

The ceremony was in Grand Rapids, though.  Between some family issues my parents are going through, Jamie’s new job, and the big vacation we’re taking in the fall, a weekend trip just wasn’t going to happen.  Even a day trip was out of the question–and seriously, what 3 year old wants to spend 7 hours total in a car and sit through graduation?  (Most adults don’t want to do that either.)

Tonight, though, they had a local reception for the 18 grads from our little satellite campus.  Jamie had to work, and although my mom wanted to go, she was called away to deal with another family emergency at the last minute.  I really felt sorry for myself–trust me, it wasn’t good.  When I spoke to H, who I graduated with, and she was going, I decided to go anyway with Olivia.

Getting ready was a feat in itself.  Olivia decided that we both needed to wear “tights” and it was obvious that if I tried to sneak out in pants we weren’t going anywhere.  I pulled out a dress for her and started to put on my one pair of nylons when she walked into our bedroom. 

“What’s this?” She said, holding up the dress. 

 “It’s your dress and tights for tonight,” I responded.

She held up the footless tights, “This is pants,” she said, dropping them to the floor.  Then she cried.

Once I found a suitable dress and tights, and got her dressed, she was very, very sad that her tights were white–my nylons were black.

I finally convinced her that it was fine, she approved our shoe choices, and then as we were walking out the door, Olivia pointed to my knee and said, “Mama, your tights have white too!”  I had a run.  With no other nylons to pick from and no clear nail polish in the house, I dabbed pink nail polish on the hole and decided to slouch for the rest of the evening.  Maybe my hem could cover the fuchsia polka dots on my leg.

It was really, really nice.  Olivia actually held it together through most of it–she loved the twirly chairs in the computer room and the long hallway to sprint down.  The food was great, and it was wonderful to be able to pause and think, “Yay, me!”.  However, I (as usual) stayed about 15 minutes too long, and so I left with Olivia, shoeless, coatless and kicking, tucked sideways under my armpit.  Why does it always seem like we leave events this way?

This was taken 7.5 seconds before the big meltdown:

In any case, it was a good thing that we went.  It is strange to graduate, to do something like this, and to be (sort of) alone in the celebrating.  The way I imagined I’d feel did not include breathlessness from chasing Olivia around the building, or fear that the technicolor repair job on my nylons would show.  Somehow, though, it was fitting.

The best part of the evening wasn’t having my name called, or getting that pat on the back anyway.  I am so proud of Olivia and I for forging out on our own to an event.  The best part was walking in and seeing her conked out on her bedroom floor, and knowing that she pulled her impulses together as much as she could. 

Oh, and when they read my name and people applauded, Olivia clapped loudest.



  1. Congrats!!! Jesus- a 4.0!!

    You have no idea how much I LOVE reading these!!


    Comment by rebeccaflynn — April 30, 2008 @ 8:44 pm |Reply

  2. Congratulations! What an accomplishment, especially the 4.0 part. Olivia looks beautiful in her dress, as do you. 🙂

    Comment by Lucia — April 30, 2008 @ 11:20 pm |Reply

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