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April 23, 2008

All I Can Say Is WOW!

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This has nothing to do with today--except that Olivia made the lemonade yesterday and brought it with her.And she\'s cute too!

Olivia and I went to the metabolic clinic today, and I am still in shock…

The drive there was relatively uneventful, except for the scary, confusing signs on I-75 that seemed to be saying that the freeway was closed right before our exit and that the detour was over an hour.  I just kept driving, figuring that since the hospital is near the museum district, I would find my way there eventually.  As it turned out, there were multiple lane closures, but nothing that stopped us and we actually arrived a little early.

Given how well the rest of the visit went, I won’t dwell on the nurse who scolded me because Olivia stood on a chair to look into the courtyard during the nanosecond it took for me to hand over my insurance cards.  Okay, maybe I’ll dwell for a second……..done.

The visits with the dietitian and genetic counselor went very well.  It looks like Olivia’s diet is well rounded, though it will take a week or two to get the official nutritional info.  (I think I need one of those for me…then again, maybe some things are better left unknown.)  I really like the genetic counselor, and she did the developmental testing and milestone stuff with Olivia–all of which she did well.  (Olivia even wowed me when she pointed to the horse when asked what “gallops”.  I know she’s a country girl, but still…)

Then the NEW doctor came in.  Remember how suspicious I was of him before today?  After reviewing Olivia’s information (including how much she eats and when) he told us that Olivia can sleep up to 12 hours without eating!!!  I still can’t believe it–no more setting the alarm to feed Olivia, no more praying that she’ll go back to sleep after, no more smacking my head on her closed bedroom door at night.  Wow!  Apparently, now that they have more MCAD kids to track (30 in Michigan), they know a little more and feel safe recommending 12 hours, depending on certain things, of course. 

I will still obsess over her diet and intake levels.  After three years of setting alarms for crazy hours and then not being able to go back to sleep, it seems strange and scary to just let her sleep.  After my initial suprise wore off, I honestly wanted to kiss the doc (sorry Jamie!).  I held back and just said thanks.

BUT–the suprises kept coming…Olivia did not cry at all during the blood draw!  Not one tear, or sniffle.  She sat very still and watched “Miss Mary” do the draw while I talked to her.  In her hand she held on tightly to a roll of Smarties, to eat after the “yucky part”.  She was very quiet and thoughful afterward, but she didn’t mention it again except to point out her Hello Kitty bandage.  What a girl!

THEN–not only did Olivia eat a great lunch afterward (broccoli and steamed rice) but she chatted happily all the way to my parents’ house.  There my mom gave her the royal granddaughter treatment, complete with manicure (only slightly smudgy) and spa treatment (bubble bath).  We tried to play Candy Land–a birthday gift from the folks at the metabolic clinic–but Olivia mostly wanted to collect the cards into a pile and she kept switching gingerbread people until we had no idea who was who.  I don’t think we’re quite at the game playing stage.

Now Olivia is asleep for what will (hopefully) be her first ever full night’s sleep.  I am exhausted, but oh, so happy.  Of course, I am excited about the sleep (though I know it will take a while to integrate).  Mostly, though, I am amazed at Olivia’s capacity to adapt and cope with today’s events. 

I don’t know why today was so different from what I’ve experienced before.  Maybe I’ve changed.  Maybe Olivia has.  Maybe it’s the clinic (they did have a few more toys, the visit only lasted 3 hours this time, but the dorky tables are still there). 

In any case, I’ve learned something amazing about being a mom today–that as well as I know my daughter, she will probably continue to “wow” me regularly. 




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