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April 22, 2008

Earth Day

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It wouldn’t be very crunchy of me to skip Earth Day!  I thought about sharing the “green” things we do, but seriously, it seems like every news show is doing that.  I thought about writing something profound about nature and our place in it–but, well, I just don’t feel very philosophical today.

We didn’t do anything to “celebrate” the day specifically, although this afternoon I realized that Olivia and I did have a celebration, of sorts.

I think Olivia and I are both intoxicated by the first few warm days of spring.  We rise early, lounge around in our PJ’s for a bit and then go outside to play.  There is almost a giddiness to our days outside, like we can’t enjoy it enough.  So, I’ll share our simple afternoon.

After a long time spent blowing bubbles on the porch (It is not as idyllic as it sounds.  I have mixed feelings about bubbles–like play dough, they sometimes take more joy than they give) we went for a walk back to the stream.  The stream is on the back portion of our property, and this time of the year it is a mucky, fascinating mess.  Olivia’s favorite stream activity is to throw sticks into the water and watch them drift downstream.  As we started to get ready to head back, I noticed something in the grass.  A small toad (frog?) was lying in a patch of sunlight, relaxing.  Olivia squatted next to me, and in a reverent way said, “Can’t pick him up today–he’s resting.”  For about another ten minutes, she laid on her belly just watching the frog (toad?) breathe in and out, blink, and occasionally wiggle.

We found a dandelion on our way back to our house.  Olivia and I both squatted to look at it–there were two tiny bees crawling in and out.  Then Olivia spotted a ladybug crawling up the stem.  Again, we just sat and watched.  An entire world was unfolding on the single flower (weed) and Olivia, silent and barely breathing, just watched.

It was so simple, really.  I think the best way we can teach children to respect this wonderful world created for us is to live in it.  Today, Olivia learned more about loving the Earth than all of the phosphate-free cleaners and cloth bags you can buy (though we have those too).  So much of my time is spent trying to make sure we are doing productive or meaningful things.  (Is this educational, or socially beneficial?  I often ask myself that because most days, it is just the two of us and I feel so inadequate compared to the energy of my three year old!) 

In reality, all we need to do sometimes is stop, squat, and look for a while.  It’s too early for roses, but we can watch a dandelion or two.


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