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April 18, 2008

What, me Blog?

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I feel a little hubristic (is that even a word??) starting a blog, but after three years of being a SAHM, my mind is getting mushy.  I hate my handwriting too much to send letters, and, as anyone with kids can tell you, it is nearly impossible to talk on the phone without losing your mind 🙂 

In addition to keeping in touch with friends and family, I want to be a resource for families whose children are diagnosed with MCAD.  Our three year old daughter received her diagnosis a week after she was born, and it has been an enlightening, difficult, wonderful and frightening journey–much like all parenting, huh?

Why “kinda crunchy”?  Back in my coop days, I knew the real crunchers, to varying degrees.  (Crunchy folks are the organic eating, natural living types.  We eat a lot of natural and organic foods, try to live cleanly, and leave as tiny a footprint as possible on the earth.)  I’m only kinda for two reasons…

1. I’ve been known to eat Doritos, Cool-Whip, juice boxes, popsicles with (gasp) artifical colors, and more

2. I want to make choices because they are the best ones for my family and not because they fit into my persona

(Plus–ever try to ask for Quinoa at the store in a town of under 2000?  I only tried that once and I still get weird looks at the grocery store–six years later.)

Thre will be more later–about MCAD, about food, and about what is happening with us.  Posts will be frequent when Olivia sleeps in, infrequent when she is on a stretch of zero sleep, and, knowing me, at some point I’ll forget my password and abandon the whole blog anyway. 


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